27 Nov 2013

*REVIEW: BornPrettyStore.Com Women's Watch

hope you all are starting to get into the Christmas mood already, I haven't yet but as soon as my eyes will catch the beautiful lights at the Christmas market tomorrow I sure will be super hyped for the holidays. Little disclaimer, it took me about 2 hours to get these pictures uploaded due to my recent poor internet connection which is one reason for my lack of posts these weeks. Nonetheless, I come to you with a FABULOUS review attached with a 10% off COUPON CODE which you will find near the end of this post but first watch me casually model a watch. *ding*

I went over to BornPrettyStore.Com  and chose this women's wrist watch because it just immediately spoke to me, the black wrist band - hello? do you know me, I dig that - and the golden hardware are just right up my alley. Thank you very much.
If you are looking for Christmas gift ideas I recommend you check out the Bornprettystore and browse their variety of watches, apparel and jewelry. The price range is definitely affordable to the masses and the choices are close to infinite if you ask me.
Hold on, lets revisit my new watch again for a minute. Since, it is pretty new I haven't had the chance to wear it out a lot yet but the sleek design enables me to dress it either up or down. My only advice would be to maybe not wear it on a daily basis, as the bands seem a little easy to break. The band wearing out or breaking can happen to just about any watch and that is why these bands are also available on their on in every store that sells watches.

Other than that I recommend you check out the site and if you found something of your interest enter ANGELINAFC10 when you check out and save 10%



  1. wonderful watch and necklace!


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