13 Dec 2013

CHRISTMAS DIY: Affordable Decoration/Gift Idea

Merry Christmas Season, lights are up, tree is decorated the credit card is on overuse and your belly is getting stuffed with all the goodies you have been avoiding eye contact with the entire year.

Whilst listening to my spotify Christmas mash up I got inspired for little DIY projects. This one in fact I did a while ago but never got my bum down to edit and upload the photos.

If you are looking for a simple yet cute way to decorate your room jolly or need an idea for a gift check out this quick DIY.

- Blank Canvas ( or blank card, you can also apply the instructions to make christmas cards)
- Paint (I only used a deep green and black)
- Brushes (I also used one flat, think brush to draw the strings)
- Glue (preferbly one that dries transparent)
- Glittler
- Some different sized round shaped items to trace the xmas balls

That was easy right? Let me know if you tried this DIY.

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  1. Such a cool DIY - great idea! www.neverdreamedaboutthis.com


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